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10 Reasons To Substitute Regular Tea With Green Tea


As compared to black tea (50milligram/ cup) and coffee (50milligram/ cup), Green Tea (25 milligram/ cup) contains small amount of caffeine.

Health Benefits of Green Tea-

Diabetes Care

You must have been advised this for long by your diabetes educator as Green tea stimulates lipid and glucose metabolism, balancing your metabolic rate, and preventing unhealthy blood sugar level spikes. Polyphenols and polysaccharides present in green tea also help lower your blood sugar level.

Improves Heart Health

Green tea lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and prevents cardio vascular diseases and stroke instances drastically. Green tea improves the function of endothelial cells, whose dysfunction plays a key role in the development of clogged arteries. It also helps lower triglycerides.

Improves Bone Health & Relieves Arthritis

Green tea shields cartilage from damaging effects of harmful enzymes, preventing and delaying the onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

Green tea is abundant in fluoride that preserves bone density and strengthens your skeletal framework.

Weight Loss

The high concentrations of catechin polyphenols found in green tea spike up your metabolic levels, inhibit the body’s fat absorption by regulating glucose and insulin, suppress your appetite by keeping you full longer, and absorb excess triglycerides. All these are critical to burning fat effectively. If you are overweight, take our Health Package for Overweight Individuals, assess the current status of your health and accordingly take preventive health measures.


As per research, one of the most active catechins, an antioxidant found in green tea, is said to block the stimulating effect of androgen (a male sex hormone) on human prostate tumor cells, slow their spread, and increase cell death.

Liver Care

The antioxidants present in Green Tea bust free radicals in fatty liver cells and help the body adapt post a liver transplant.

Hypertension Relief

Studies have shown that green tree helps reduce blood pressure as it helps repress angiotensin, a primary contributor to high blood pressure or hypertension.

Immunity Booster

Green tea’s magic ingredients Polyphenols and flavonoids, replenish the immune system providing an impregnable shield against any kind of infections and viral attacks.

Stress Buster

Green Tea helps reduce stress and anxiety as L-theanine, a natural amino acid found almost exclusively in green tea, has been found to improve cognition while reducing stress and anxiety.

Longevity and Anti Aging

Green Tea is said to boost Longevity. Antioxidant in green tea, known as polyphenols which fight against free radicals, major contributors to cell damage and aging.

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