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5 Routine Blood Tests You Need During Pregnancy

5 Routine Blood Tests You Need During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyful journey which also comes with various ups and downs. Every expecting mother goes through that. However, there are some routine pregnancy tests which are a must for everyone to detect if the mother has any other problem which might affect the unborn.

Are you expecting a new life in your womb? Are you nervous about how will you able to take it through? Do you have any idea how crucial is the phase you are currently into?

A woman’s body is a wonderful God’s creation. She is the only one who is gifted with a potential to bring a new life on earth. She is the one who, from the very first day understands what loving and caring an unborn is. Pregnancy, the event that comes into the life of every woman is just not as easy as it sounds. The nine months journey is a challenging, life-changing journey experience which requires a brave mind and fit body. When we talk about fitness in pregnancy, it plays a crucial role and medical professionals hence suggest a few vital blood tests in Delhi/NCR which are significant to detect any potential problems that might occur during the time.

Enrolled underneath are some of the routine yet significant blood tests conducted in most pregnancies;

  1. Blood group and RH factor test

A test is conducted to detect the blood group of the pregnant mother just in case a blood transfusion is required before or at the time of birth. Furthermore, RH factor test is also a significant one. If rhesus is negative of the pregnant mother then there are chances that the baby will also be RH negative. With an RH negative baby, an injection is given called immunoglobulin. Both the tests are conducted with a blood sample.

  1. Hepatitis B

This test is conducted to detect if the unborn has any liver disease. Mostly, if the pregnant mother is affected with Hepatitis B, chances are that baby will too have hepatitis. Reports of such tests are given within 24hours.

  1. Diabetes Test

Pregnancy leads to gestational diabetes in most women mostly during the second trimester. In such a case, a glucose tolerance test is conducted for the expecting mother.

  1. Antenatal Urine Test

This is one of the vital routine blood tests conducted to identify if the mother has a urinary tract infection which causes a burning sensation. Reports from reputable healthcare labs like Hindustan Wellness are usually given within a day.

  1. HIV/AIDS Test

HIV test is important to do since the disease is easily transferable to the unborn baby or even the newborn. Once the test is conducted, and resulted positive then indeed there are treatments to alleviate the problem.

The above blood tests are highly crucial for pregnant mothers as any mistake can lead to bigger consequences. Affordable health checkup in Delhi/NCR can be availed at healthcare facilities which have their own NABL labs and provide reports within a day.

Pregnancy is not something new to a woman. It is still a new phase whenever it arrives in the life of a woman. For this sole reason, her health must be taken care at priority. All the needs that she anticipates must be provided and the routine blood tests must not be skipped or delayed. Routine blood tests ensure that the mother and baby is fine or have any call for disease, which can or cannot be treated. Today, in the 21st first century, we must all work to safeguard the health of pregnant mothers which are the face of our country and because of whom we all are alive. In the article, we have enlightened our readers about the various routine blood tests which are important to be done to ensure the mother and child are both safe, protected. Reading the concept from the heart and not eyes is recommended to our readers.

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