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6 “must do” preventive health tests for women

Preventive Health checkup

Women have an ingrained tendency of self-neglect and it is nowhere more profound than in the case of health and diet. Women in general tend to ignore regular health checkup due to myriad reasons ranging from ignorance, lethargy or just not taking self-health seriously enough. But, it is high time to accept the fact that health and happiness of family is integrally entwined with our health and happiness. We have listed below 8 most essential preventive health tests which women must undertake regularly to stay fit, healthy and happy and ensure the same for the family as well.

 High Resolution Mammography Ultrasound-to detect breast cancer:

It is highly recommended that women in the reproductive age should get breast mammography done at least once a year to detect early signs of breast cancer. Preventive Health checkup and early diagnosis immensely increases the chance to cure and timely treatment for complete recovery.

Pap Smear test-to detect cervical cancer

This test is the most useful preventive and investigative test to check the presence of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which can cause cancer of the cervix. The symptoms of cervical cancer and not profound till at a very advanced stage. Paps mear helps in detecting traces of HPV in very initial stages, thus increasing chances of treatment and cure.

CBC: Complete blood count

This is a very comprehensive and very important preventive health test which can detect a myriad of health issues like anaemia or low haemoglobin. This test will also share details of all blood components like WBC, RBC, platelet. In case you are falling ill too often or feeling tired and fatigued all the time, the test is mandatory.

LFT and heart profile:

Our present day hectic life style leaves very little scope for exercise and physical activity and coupled with erratic work and sleeping hours and unhealthy diet makes the perfect formula for lifestyle ailments. So, it is very important to go for periodic liver function test which will give details of liver functioning parameters like SGOT, SGPT and Bilirubin. Any major aberrations can be immediately treated before the problem becomes chronic. Same way heart profile test which includes  cholesterol, HDL, LDL is a very important preventive health check for heart health and can prevent major heart problems.

Hormone tests:

Another very important preventive check for women is hormone tests. Women are more susceptible to various hormonal imbalance like LH, FSH, Prolactin and TSH. So, if you are in the reproductive age and suffering from fatigue, sudden weight loss or gain, menstrual irregularity, than it is mandatory to get the hormone tests done. Even if you are not suffering from any such system, hormone tests are an important preventive health test for ascertain women health.

Bone Health:

According to a recent study more than 20% of Indian Women suffer from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis does not happen in a day, it is a slow process and if detected early can be prevented. Bone health test will necessarily include, calcium and Vitamin D test. In case calcium and vitamin D is low in the body, this can be cured through proper diet and medical supplement.


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    I am glad to read your article. Keep sharing the information. And good quality healthcare services are one of the most important requirements in India.

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