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8 Bad Health Habits You Can No Longer Get Away With In Your 40’s

Bad Health Habits

At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty the wit; at forty the judgment – Benjamin Franklin

40 is that wonderful junction of your life when most of the madness of 20s and 30s seems to settle and you are at peace with life. Your family and career finally seems to be on track and crying kids seems to be story of past. But, ironically 40 is also a time when your body demands more of your care and attention, and if you ignore the tell-tale signs now, you are sure to bring yourself major health issues. The careless days of youth slightly ebbing, one really needs to do away with unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits of the previous decade to stay and feel young and healthy. So of the habits that really needs to be taken care of now are:

  1. Taking food cravings lightly

It is very important to have a healthy and nutritious diet. Although it is ok to indulge into cravings once in a while, but now is the time when cravings should be checked. At this age the metabolism slows and this increases risk of lifestyle ailments. If you experience sugar or salt cravings too often, chances of blood sugar fluctuations and type 2 diabetes are high. So, a regular health checkup should be in your  plan of things to detect any early sign of diseases

  1. Avoiding preventive health checks

You can no longer postpone your preventive health checkups. Even if you are perfectly healthy, preventive health check up will act as a periodic report card and even slightest problem will be nipped in the bud. Some illnesses may not have symptoms and can be detected only after laboratory tests. This is also the time when you can have vitamin deficiency despite following a healthy diet, so don’t forget to get vitamin tests done along with other blood tests.

  1. Ignoring eye check-ups

As you reach this milestone, eye sight problems are bound to crop up. So, go for regular eye check once a year.

  1. Not doing hormonal check-ups

While 40 may bring some pleasant changes in your life, it can also bring in some hormonal imbalance in its wake. Women specially are prone to experience hormonal changes during this pre- menopausal period. This decade also sees decrease in oestrogen secretion which can give rise to  calcium deficiency and bone loss. So, don’t forget your periodic visit to the gynaecologist. Men too experience hormonal changes and should ensure regular check-ups to prevent illnesses of the male system.

  1. Postponing dental check-ups

Dental health needs attention at all ages; but more as you grow older. Not only dental problems but various medical problems may also show start. Regular dental checkup will help keep that youthful smile intact.

  1. Ignoring your lifestyle

The 40s also increase the load of responsibilities on your shoulders. So, its time when you can no longer indulge into reckless frolic of 20s and 30s. It is that decade in your life where you need to maintain optimum health, not only for self but for those depending on you. So, follow some simple health practises to stay healthy. Avoid late and heavy dinner and do not hit the bed just after eating dinner. Ensure that you eat a good portion of fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy to fulfil your nutrition requirement. Try to exercise or go for brisk walking for half an hour every day and take adequate sleep. To ensure proper sleep try not to have your cell phone with you on bed. Reduce smoking and alcohol intake. Smoking increases risk of heart disease, lung cancer and strokes.

7 .Crash dieting

During your 20s and 30s you may have followed various crash diets to fit into coveted dress. But, now, with slower metabolism rate, crash diets will wreck havoc to health. So, instead of crash dieting, follow regular healthy diet. Have a wholesome heavy breakfast, lighter lunch and meagre dinner.

8.Junk Food

If munching a bag of chips is your idea of snacking, change it now. Over time, all the sugar, salt and fat will take its toll on your health. So junk that junk food and bring in an habit of healthy snacking.

So, now that you are in your 40s, embrace these simple lifestyle changes and go for regular preventive health checkup. Take charge of your health now before ill health takes charge of you.



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