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9 Healthy habits daily countdowns

Healthy Habits Daily Countdowns

9K steps:

Walking is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to maintain your health. Brisk walking for even 30 minutes only can do wonders for us and can remarkably improve our heart condition and strengthen bones. Clocking 9000 steps a day is a great way to ensure health and fitness and keep life style ailments at the bay.

8 hours of sleep:

Sleep is one of our vital requirements to stay fit and alert. An adult individual needs 7-8 hours of sleep to remain fit, healthy and alert. Adequate sleep not only refreshes and rejuvenates our body but also helps in decreasing the risk of heart diseases. Sleep is an important factor in managing our hunger levels. Sleep deprivation can lead to binge eating or starving. It also helps in improving our memory and maintains the immunity system.

7 glasses of water:

Water is the most common chemical component of our body and our body is made up of 60% water. It is very important to drink at least 7 glasses  of water as it is helps in cleansing the body of wastes, helps keep the body dehydrated, lubricates joints and protects sensitive tissues from external damage.

6 minutes of meditation:

Meditation or dhyana is a very ancient practise dating back to 3000 BC and is known to immensely enhance the quality of life. It relaxes the body and mind along with soothing the nerves and calming the mind. It also improves concentration and relieves stress.

5 servings of fruits and vegetables:

A healthy diet is the key to good health.  To keep healthy and fit, ensure eating a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Try and avoid deep fried and  packaged food and include at least 5 servings of fresh seasonal  fruits and vegetables in your diet.

4 breaks: stretching and mental:

Most of us have a very sedentary desk job leading to sitting in the same position for long hours. This results in obesity, back and neck pain or sore ness in the eye. It is advisable to take short breaks from your work and do some stretching exercises while sitting in your seat.

3 Meals and 3 healthy snacks:

Diet is one of the key to maintaining good health. Instead of having 3 heavy meals, plan out your diet across 6 small meals to keep body nourished and avoid binge eating and also maintain health and control weight issues.

2 hours without phone before bed:

A good night’s sleep is very essential for health and well being. The temptation to be connected and active in social media is very high, but we need to learn to let go and rewind. Abstain from using the phone for 2 hours before hitting the bed. This will not only calm your mind, but also prepare your body for sleep

1 session of exercise:

There can be no alternative to exercise for healthy mind and body.  30 minutes of exercise for 5 days a week will help in immensely improving health and keep the body fit.


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