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Avoid These 3 Unhealthy & Dangerous Ingredients Often Used By Food Industry

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We are in an age where processed and pre-packaged foods have become a norm. But what we don’t know is the unhealthy ingredients that consume an important part of these foods. The below mentioned 3 common ingredients are deadly and must be avoided:

Artificial sweeteners

Artificial Sweetner is 180 times sweeter than sugar. They are often found in foods labeled as ‘diet’or ‘sugar free’ eg sodas, juices, ice creams etc. Artificial sweeteners can accelerate aging and other health problems lile memory loss, fatigue, cancer, sleep problems etc.

Though they might appear attractive as an alternative to sugar because they contain no calorie (which means no nutritional value). But this does not mean they will be helpful for weight loss. This is because artificial sweeteners can increase your appetite which will lead you to eat more. So if you are someone who drink lot of diet soda, thinking that this will not lead to weight gain, it can hinder your weight loss progress plus many other health problems that may come with it.

Instead, you should opt for natural sweeteners such as honey,maple syrup etc. to stay fit.

Trans fat (Partially hydrogenated oils)

Unlike naturally extracted oils like olive oil, soy or canola oil, hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils which must be chemically removed. They are often used in many foods in junk foods and sometimes in our kitchen to preserve and keep shelf life of foods. Hydrogenated oils are linked to cancer, birth defects, heart disease and many other fatalities. Check the labels on the bottle to see which oils are healthy for you. Go with safer options like olive, soy, mustard and canola oils. Trans fats are found in French fries, ready to cook mixtures, frozen meals, cake mixes etc.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

HFCS is a sweetener unknown to most, but used heavily by the sweetened beverages industry. It is made out of genetically modified corn and processed with genetically modified enzymes. HFCS is similar to the normal table sugar but much cheaper to produce than sugar. That is why you will find it in soft drinks, processed food and junk food type of products. HFCS inhibits the hormone (Leptin) responsible for telling your brain that you are full. Consuming a lot of these foods and HFCS can lead to health problems like heart disease, obesity, diabetes etc. Therefore it is better to limit products that contain HFCS or avoid them completely.

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