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Diet & Nutrition

You can learn here diet & nutrition for food pyramid, nutritional information, and calorie counts on food labels is essential for weight loss.

Snack Smart

Snack Smart

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Snacking can actually be beneficial if one makes the right choice. By choosing nutritious bites, people can not only satisfy hunger, but also get additional nutrients that they need for a healthy living. The idea is not to ban snacks but to plan them. If one needs to munch in between meals, there is nothing wrong in it, provided we choose them wisely. Healthy snacking boosts energy levels, aids in concentration, and hence is more productive for people during waking hours. It distributes the calories required by the body evenly throughout the day. Snacks should be planned according to the needs of each member of the family. Stock up healthy snacks for home, travel and work so you always have them at hand easily. Snack only when you are hungry; rather than wait for the next meal. T...