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What is Fasting Before A Blood Test?

What Is Fasting Before A Blood Test?

The most common test which is performed to detect any disease or illness is a blood test. Without a blood test, medical professionals cannot understand the exact reason of an existing disease or a disease which might occur. There are, however, procedures to give blood tests. Some require fasting before blood tests, which further incorporate various tests that come under this category. With our blog, we intend to highlight an overview about blood tests.

Are you going through a medical condition or having symptoms of something you don’t know? Wondering to get your health checkup in Delhi NCR but do not know whether you need to fast before a blood test or not? We are here to help you with the following facts;

Why Is It Important To Fast Before Few Blood Tests?

When you eat something like lunch or dinner, glucose levels also tend to fluctuate which means there are changes, which occur in the blood. When fasting is done before a few blood tests, it means, the results which are interpreted are not influenced by the last morsel.

Which Tests Need Fasting Before Blood Test?

Not all the blood tests require you to fast. However, there are somewhere it is mandatory for you to fast before the blood test. These include cholesterol test, liver function test, blood glucose test, basic metabolic panel, renal function panel, lipoprotein panel, and similarly more.

Can You Drink Black Coffee Before A Blood Test?

Coffee is diuretic, and can indeed integrate with your blood tests. You must not consume coffee be it black or milk. Since coffee leads you to pee more often, it further has a dehydrating effect ultimately resulting in a hassle to determine the accurate report of the blood test.

Can You Drink Before A Blood Test?

Unless you are advised by your medical expert, it is ok to drink water before a blood test. This test is different from other procedures, which sometimes require the patient to do complete fasting.

How Long Do You Have To Fast Before A Blood Test?

Fasting all depends on different blood tests. Some tests do not require fasting at all. However, if you are giving a lab test, you need to fast for 8 hours before the test. Indeed, your medical supervisor will provide you proper instructions in regards to fasting requirements, following the same is suggested to avoid any risk.

What Happens If You Don’t Fast Before A Blood Test?

Usually, blood sugar tests and cholesterol tests require patients not to eat anything prior to the same as the eating enhances the sugar levels leading to inaccurate results in the report. Fasting is recommended in some tests, not all.

What Are The Dos And Don’ts Before Fasting Blood Test?

Since blood tests are performed in order to detect potential illnesses or disease, some conditions must be kept in mind by patients;

  • If you are given a particular lab or facility where the test needs to be performed, do not forget to ask if any special guidelines required to be followed before to remain in safe hands.
  • Do not forget to fast 9-12 hours before if you are getting a lipid profile or cholesterol test done.
  • Do fast for 8-12 hours before if you are getting a fasting glucose test done.
  • Do consume food before, if you are getting a glucose tolerance test done.
  • Do not forget to carry a snack, especially health if you have been fasting before any blood test.

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