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How Yoga Improves Mood and Lessen Anxiety?


Do you have mood swings? Do you suffer from bad mood? You know what? If your mood remains bad for a long time then you might go into depression. Hence you have to solve your bad mood instantly. There are many techniques to solve bad mood. The best technique is Yoga. How?

In this fast paced life, it is essential to take out some time for exercises. Exercises can do miracles on your body. It can change your mood from bad to good.

At your home or workplace, situations might change your mood instantly. You have to change your bad mood to good mood to keep going on with life. This is essential because if you continue with a bad mood for long time you might fall into depression. Depression can bring your life to a halt. Depression is like a deep black hole. Once you fall into it, it’s very difficult to come back to your normal state. It may take hours, days or months to come out of depression. But it is easy to come out of bad mood through Yoga and our Home Instructors for Yoga would be more than happy to help you here.

How can you come out of bad mood?

Have you realized? When you are upset about something, you go and have fried stuff till you come out of it… This is not the correct way to come out of bad mood. Here, you are not feeling hungry to fill your stomach! Your bad mood takes you near the fried stuff that spoils your health!

The correct solution to come out of bad mood is yoga. Relaxation techniques like yoga are powerful remedies to come out of mood disorders. Yoga has many other health benefits like it stabilizes your nervous system; it equalizes your breathing etc. Let’s see how yoga enhances your mood.


Below are the yoga moves that can bring you into good mood:

1- Meditation :

You can either sit on floor cross-legged or on a chair. Lift up your hands and let your palms touch each other to form a prayer position. Maintain a sense of calm in both your body and mind while focusing on your breath for a minute or two.

2- Supported Tree :

While holding the back of a chair, balance your body on your left foot. Then lift your right foot up to your left foot’s ankle, calf or upper thigh with your knee turned outward. Now lift your arm and hold for 5 to 10 deep breaths, keeping your gaze focused on one point. Repeat on other side.

3- Chest Opener and Gentle Twist :

Sit on a comfortable chair and place your right hand on your left knee. Now slowly twist your waist to place your left hand behind your left thigh, left hip or the back of your chair. Hold for 5 to 10 breaths. Repeat on other side.

4- Stork Position :

In this position, you have to hold the back of your chair, grab hold your right foot and balance your body on your left foot alone. You can perform this without the help of the chair also. Keep your gaze focused on one point and hold for 5 to 10 breaths. Repeat the same on other side.

Yoga is the best form of exercise for your body. It has the power to cure many chronic diseases! Hence practice the yoga techniques discussed above and be happy!

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