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How to protect yourself and your family from Air Pollution

How to protect yourself and your family from Air Pollution

Air pollution has taken a toll over the entire city’s health. It has affected various lives and illnesses have simply turn bigger. This calls for preventive care solutions. The latest blog highlights what air pollution is, some of the major health problems caused by air pollution and how people can help themselves from becoming a victim of air pollution. Read the blog to understand better.

Air pollution is one of the most harmful causes of some of the major critical illnesses like Lung Cancer. Over the recent years, air pollution has bombarded the newspapers by making top headlines. It is not wrong to say that this kind of pollution has spread all over Delhi with the increase in smog, vehicles, and factories. This calls for health checkup in Delhi NCR to detect and cease a disease then and there. What are those diseases? How can you prevent yourself and family from air pollution? Let’s read on.

According to researchers, some of the common health problems associated with air pollution include:

  • Heart diseases
  • Asthma
  • Birth complications
  • Premature birth
  • Stillbirth in newborn
  • Defects in newborn
  • Lung cancer
  • Throat cancer & more

Toxic air is as harmful as poison. Usually, symptoms start with a cough, viral infection, and throat irritation. This when getting prolonged, turn into major illnesses which are hard to control later. A full body checkup can detect the accuracy of an existing disease or an illness which can control the body later. Therefore, as they say, ‘prevention is better than cure.’ One must adhere to it strictly in order to prevent the uncontrollable health consequences.

Let’s take a look at what people can do to avoid health problems arising out of air pollution:

  1. Say No to Morning Walks, Go Yoga

Indeed! Your body needs a daily workout. However, there is no point in going out for a walk and breathe toxic air which is ultimately going to harm your body. When there is too much smog around, simply avoid morning walks and do yoga at home. If you have plenty of natural environment around, only then it is advisable that you give 15 min of natural air to your body. Be alert, what kind of air you are breathing in. Your body will tell you, what’s the best is.

  1. Make your home environment-friendly

Try to add more natural plants at home which are known to clean the toxic air coming from outside. Plants such as aloe vera, spider plant, and ivy are good plants known to decrease air pollution. You can keep them in your office or where you spend most of the day- dining area or bedroom. This way, you are sure to be breathing a good, pollution-free air.

  1. Add air-purifiers

Besides, using plants in the indoors, adding air-purifiers is also a good way to avoid the polluted air invading inside your home premise. Remember, to give proper ventilation to support the result of sir-purifier. Using air-purifiers in the kid’s room is very beneficial as they are most prone to attracting air pollution which can result in severe lung and throat infection.


From getting regular health checkups from reputable facilities like Hindustan Wellness in Gurgaon, following medical guidance and staying alert with your lifestyle go avoid using diesel vehicles and using mask whenever going out from home; these are some of the preventive ways that help you protect yourself as well as your family from becoming a victim of air pollution. Stay alert! Stay good with health!

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