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Quitting Smoking Becomes Easier With Social Support!


Developing healthier habits is one of the keys to quit smoking. What else are the other keys? – ‘Social Support’.

Humans are creatures of habit, but we are also social animals and having supportive people around you can make a world of difference in your success of being smoke free.

That’s because caring and supportive relationships allow you to share your successes and challenges, reduce stress, get encouragement and assistance, and avoid smoking triggers and cravings through distractions. With social support, you will feel more motivated through your quit period and optimistic about reaching your goal of a life without smoke. So don’t go at it alone ask people to help you quit!

Here are some of the ways you can get social support on your quit journey:

Family & Friends

Many people turn to family and friends to help them quit smoking. These people know you the best, and you may feel the most comfortable with them to share your quit concerns. You meet them often, which means you can get constant feedback and encouragement throughout your quit journey.


A quit buddy is someone who also wants you to quit smoking when picking a quit buddy, it’s important to find someone who you can trust and depend on and is just as motivated as you are to help you quit smoking for good. Your quit buddy also helps you connect to the right expert – diet or doctor or counselor to help you quit for good.

Support Groups

There are multiple support groups which allow a quitter to connect with other people who share the same goal. Though groups may differ, the common thread is that support groups offer a safe, non-judgmental space where you can learn from other people’s struggles and share your own stories, experiences and tips. Some online support groups can be found on Yahoo Forums, Quora and others.

Social Media

Are you a social media addict and are always on Facebook, Twitter, Insagram? Then maybe you’ll find support groups and Quit Smoking motivation on social media to be more your speed. Join a Facebook page (like ours!) or follow a Twitter account (again, here is ours!), or follow a Instagram account (again, here is ours!) to connect with others and get some motivation to help you quit.

Quitting Smoking is a very individual focused process and though there are certain social support approaches that have been shown to be more effective than others, it may not necessarily be the best one for you. Spend some time with yourself alone and then with your family & friends to understand what quit smoking strategy will work best for you.

All the best!!

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