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Role of Sleep in Learning and Memory

Are you forgetting things at your home? Don’t you remember where did you put your phone just a few minutes back? You might be suffering from memory loss! Memory loss can be due to inadequate sleep. Sleep can have affects on your memory. More the sleep more the memory! How is memory related to sleep? Read on…
Nowadays health is an important topic. You can do anything and everything with good health. You can stay all day active if you get adequate sleep.


Sleep is very important for an active mind. If you get enough sleep you can think and work efficiently. Loss of sleep can affect your thinking power; it might make you feel lazy. Hence an individual requires 6-8 hours of sleep. Sleep is important to have a good memory.

Let’s see how?


For something that you see or feel to become a memory, it should undergo three phases:
Acquisition Phase :

In acquisition, learning or experiencing the “new thing” is carried out.

Consolidation Phase :

The “new thing” that is acquired by your brain becomes stable in the consolidation phase.

Recall Phase :

In recall phase, the brain has to access the “new thing” in the future.

The Acquisition and Recall phases occur when you are awake but the Consolidation phase happens when you are asleep. Hence for you to remember anything for long time you need adequate sleep. You can forget things if you don’t sleep well.

In a study involving memory tests, it was proven that people who took a night’s sleep or a short nap performed better at their work, be it at office, on athletic field or in a concert hall. Hence sleep is essential to have an active day.


Hippocampus and neocortex are the parts in the brain where long-term memories are stored. When you sleep, the hippocampus replays the events of the day for the neocortex, where it reviews and processes the information, helping it to stay for long term. When the information i.e. several “new things” is stored for a long time, you can recover it, and that forms a memory. Some studies show that particular kind of memories are formed during REM. REM is Rapid Eye Movement. It is the period when you dream. Other studies show that some other types of memories are formed during slow-wave deep sleep.

Sleep is essential for the neurons to make more connections. Inadequate sleep can lead to various other diseases like cancer, heart disease etc. Hence sleep is essential to stay fit.

How can you get adequate sleep?

Go for exercises at least three hours before going to bed.

Don’t sleep immediately after having your meal. Give a gap of 2-3 hours before you sleep.

Do not watch T.V, work on computer or phone before you go to sleep.

Take a warm bath or read a book for you to induce good sleep. Avoid any activities that can cause tension.

Don’t consume alcohol before you sleep.

Create a pleasant sleeping environment in your room by making your room dark, cool and comfortable.

If you have enough sleep you can stay energetic all day long. Hence have adequate amount of sleep to have a great memory!

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