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Smart Ways To Bring Down Your Medical Expenses

The world has been engulfed by the Covid 19 pandemic for the last few months. But one thing which the pandemic has taught nations and individuals alike is that we cannot afford to take our health lightly. “Jaan Hai Toh Jahaan Hai” . Most of us now have started keeping a considerable budget for our own and our family’s health. costs tend to be one of the most unpredictable parts of one’s financial budget. While emergencies can not be avoided altogether but a holistic lifestyle and keeping in mind some of the below points will definitely help us in curtailing the long unpredictable medical bills.

Choose A Healthy Lifestyle

This is the simplest solution to save on medical costs- HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES. Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. While we all know what a healthy lifestyle means, lets just clear the lens once and reiterate what all of us know is healthy:

  1. Be physically active- 40 min of exercise daily
  2. Eat a balanced diet- Eat the right foods in the right proportions and with the correct quantity. You can speak to our expert dieticians to know what works best for you and provide you with a customized meal plan.
  3. Get good quality sleep- Sleep well and for an adequate number of hours – at least 7-8 hours a night. This will help you rest and generate energy for the next day.  Insomnia is a cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, and mental, metabolic and endocrine diseases.
  4. Do not smoke
  5. Be emotionally fit


 Take a Preventive Health Checkup

With a preventive health check-up, risks of disease like heart, diabetes, bone related problems etc. can not only be eliminated but also prevented. It has been noted that regular preventive health check-up is also a better economic choice when it comes to health care, as compared to the cost of treatments for diseases when those are detected in late stages. The chief goal of preventive health check-up is to detect whether one is at risk of terminal diseases at an early stage, and intervene with prevention, thereby minimizing risk factors.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Let Your Everyday Medical Expenses Be Covered

Opt for ‘mediclaim’ policies that not only offer insurance coverage for hospitalization expenses but also day-to-day medical expenses on doctor visits, medicines etc.

Save Costs on Medicines

Go for generic drugs instead of brand-name drugs. Both have the same ‘active ingredient’ but generic medicines can help you save over 80% on medicine bills.

Go For Lifestyle Changes Instead

Ask your doctor if you can get better by opting for lifestyle changes instead of medicines. For instance, if advised by the doctor, you could improve your cholesterol by making changes in your diet and by exercising. Similarly, keeping your home free from dust and mold, drinking a lot of water and inhaling steam can ease up your allergies.

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