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Tips To Ace Your First Marathon/ Half Marathon


It used to be that marathons/ half marathons were reserved for running fanatics, thought to be a little crazy for voluntarily hitting the pavement for periods of up to five hours. But now the race has moved from a niche workout to more of a bucket list item. Races are popping up all across the country and with a little hard work and dedication, more and more runners are signing up for this popular endurance challenge.

Set Realistic Goals- The first race is a learning experience. Do not set out to run your best race ever. We suggest setting three goals: Goal A, B and C. A is if all the stars are aligned, B is a more realistic time goal (something you can live with), and C is crossing the finish line on two feet. Tell yourself you will be thrilled if you complete the race.

Stay Hydrated & Fueled- When you’re running that long, your body is going to need fuel. Make sure that you get used to drinking water while you run and make sure your stomach is comfortable with the

The Right Socks are Key- Socks must be made of sweat-wicking fabric. Cotton socks are a no-go because they hold on to perspiration and cause rubbing, which can result in painful blisters

Wear the right shoes- You should avoid buying a new shoes for race day because you want to train in the pair that you plan to race in. While training try on your shoes with the socks you are going to wear for the marathon.

Don’t Skip Weights- Runners must to do strength exercises! Start with basic bodyweight exercises for about 10 to15 minutes after every run.

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