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Understanding Your HbA1c Results for Diabetes

Understanding Your HbA1c Results for Diabetes

These days diabetes has become a common name in households.  The main reason for this illness is lack of awareness.  There are various reasons why people are suffered from high blood sugar, mainly due to lack of exercise and no rigid diet format.  This article attempts to give awareness on HbA1c results for diabetes and also provide information to understand the basic fact behind HbA1c.

  1. What is HbA1c?

HbA1c stands for hemoglobin A1c, which is a medical term coined for diabetes.  If you have seen the diabetic health checkup report,  you would have found this term in it.  It will indicate the level of blood sugar in your blood.  Hemoglobin mainly consists of proteins and helps to carry the oxygen to the blood cells.  That’s why Red blood cells play a vital part in our body.  It is what helping the doctors to find the level of blood sugar in anyone.

  1. How high blood sugar level found?

The above mentioned Hemoglobin is attached with glucose in our body.  When it is attached this is called glycated.  The HbA1 test helps to find out this count.  The more glycated blood in the body means the person has fallen for diabetes.  RBCs have life days about 8-12 weeks.  But the glycated RBCs stays in the body for life, that’s why the number of glycated RBCs is important while blood test is conducted and it clearly gives the report of how much glucose level in us.  We shouldn’t allow the extra glucose cells to stay.  The HbA1c result is slightly above 6.0 means that the person is about to have more blood sugar in his/her body.  It’s like an alarming point for anyone.  The lesser the blood sugar level, the better the person.  If the result is beyond 6.5, the person is stamped as a diabetic patient.  There are type1 and type2 diabetic conditions based on the sugar levels.  Also if the glucose level is low, the person is having the risk of getting hypoglycemia which is another illness.

So it is always recommended to keep the blood sugar level normal.  The test usually performed before taking food, as to draw the blood from the arm of the person through the injection tube.  It is considered the reliable test, though there are other medicinal tools like finger prick can help do this test.  But results somewhat varied.  The following gives the overall picture.  The blood sugar level is also measured in eAG (estimated average glucose).  There are also convertors in online to know the actual glucose level.

  • Normal              –  Below 6.0    (42 mmol/mol)
  • Pre-diabetic      – 6.0 to 6.5     (42 to 47 mmol/mol)
  • Diabetic             – Above 6.5   (48 mmol/mol)
  1. Checkups….

It is recommended from the doctors that regular check up on your blood sugar level, will give you a precursor to prevent this illness.  It always helps to do sugar test thrice each year to know how healthy you are.  Delay in checking blood sugar levels may push you into type2 diabetics, so it is always best to know your body and how it’s functioning.  The preventive health checkups you shall get from good health care lab like Hindustan Wellness.  It would be highly beneficial for you in the long run.

  1. How to avoid?

Prevention is better than cure.  Getting a complete health checkup in Delhi NCR can take you to a healthier life. You can stay more alert. Furthermore, regular exercise will help you to be healthier.  It doesn’t mean you have push up or pull up every day, but daily walking is enough to be distant from this illness.  Or you can do some half an hour meditation daily to keep yourself both mentally and physically fit.  Also, have healthy food and stay away from junk foods.

When we talk about prevention, we suggest our readers to get preventive health checkups so that they are able to stay in an alert condition about their health. Illnesses do not arrive with an invitation which is getting health checkups on a regular basis as suggested by medical professionals is recommended to lead a disease-free life. Hindustan Wellness is a name on which you can count for getting the best and most accurate health checkups in Delhi NCR. Wake up before it is too late!

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