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Understanding Nipah Virus

Understanding Nipah Virus

Are you feeling tired more than before? Are you finding yourself drowsy most of the time? If yes, then you might be affected with Nipah Virus. Well, unfortunately, this virus has spread across the country and taken many lives. All that is recommended is strict prevention. Read on the blog to know how it affects and how you can prevent it.

Nipah Virus and its origination

You might have heard it lately. According to the World Health Association (WHO), Nipah Virus is a rising zoonosis that causes an extreme infection in humans as well as animals. This virus was first recognized in Malaysia and then Singapore in 1998, causing infection in pigs which were later exchanged by humans. As cited by the WHO, the normal host of the virus is organic product bats of the Pteropodidae Family, Pteropus sort.

Lately, various cases of Nipah Virus have been taken into consideration. Till date, it has affected over 300 lives. The worst case recorded is in Kerala case which affected a 27-year old soldier. With a death rate of 75%, Nipah Virus is flooded with symptoms, which are strange but must not be taken lightly.

Symptoms of Nipah Virus

The most initial symptoms of Nipah Virus include a feeling of general fatigue, fever along with headaches. When the virus progresses, symptoms like increased tiredness, drowsiness can take a toll. Not just this, if Nipah Virus not identified early, the worst scenario can take a person into encephalitis. This means, an infection has to lead to the inflammation in the brain, where patients can go into the coma. What worst?

Treatment of Nipah Virus

Unfortunately, there has been no treatment which has been confirmed for Nipah Virus. If a patient has attracted this kind of virus, then his or her body’s immune system gets extremely low. In such condition, for headaches, doctors only suggest painkillers. For nausea and vomiting, medical specialists provide intravenous fluid along with certain medications just to control the symptoms. As mentioned with the low immunity, severe cases if uncontrolled can attract more bacterial infections and there is simply no permanent cure to resolve the virus.

Prevention of Nipah Virus

Nipah virus can affect the country and has become a great cause of concern for people. The new virus is very dangerous as there has been no vaccinations which are confirmed for stopping it to occur. Nipah virus is indeed aggressive and prevention of the same has to be taken into account. When we talk about prevention, medical professionals recommend individuals to refrain themselves from coming into contact with areas where there are pigs or bats around. And my recommendation is that at least go for Preventive Health Checkup at least 2 times in a year.

‘Prevention is better than cure’

The fortunate part is various healthcare labs are offering preventive health checkups which call for immediate action. Medical specialists suggest people to get Nipah preventive health check-ups to know whether or not, they are affected by this dangerous disease. Healthcare facilities such as Hindustan Wellness are known for providing affordable health checkups to individuals at the comfort of their place which makes it easy for the elderly to give their blood sample and get the virus detected much before time.

Once, people are aware of how dangerous this virus could be, they will certainly take preventive measures and will not come in contact with pigs, and bats. We urge to spread the news of Nipah Virus everywhere so that more and more people get preventive checkups and start staying more alert than before. Nipah Virus is not something that can be treated till date, which is why the only preventive cure is recommended.

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