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Why Do You Need A Full Body Health Checkup?

Full Body Health Checkup

Are you going through a persistent illness but do not its cause? Do you plan to get a health checkup but avoid due to multiple personal reasons? A full body health checkup is creating a holistic picture of an individual’s overall physical health status. In this blog, we have highlighted how a preventive full body checkup can help to the detect symptoms of almost all illnesses a body might encounter.

Is your daily schedule flooded with personal and professional responsibilities? Do you often feel extremely exhausted, short of breath or simply feel like leaving your job? Is your tired body making you so ill that you sometimes feel the urgency to call a doctor but avoid it because of laziness or exasperation? Well, we are here to enlighten you up with preventive health measures which can help you stay active, fit and responsible while you are at work- office or home. A full body checkup is one mandatory thing which is advisable for you and everyone who feels the same symptoms we have mentioned.

What exactly is a full body health checkup?

It refers to a complete diagnosis of the entire body by assessing cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, circulatory, immune and nervous systems. A complete body checkup is vital to identify any irregularities or abnormalities present in the body.

Why do you need a Full Body Health Checkup?

A full body health checkup is required in order to create a comprehensive picture of an individual’s overall physical health status. This will cover checking for signs and symptoms of almost all aspects of the body as well as understanding problems in early-stage diseases. Every person should be getting a health checkup at least once a year as the spread of illnesses is only increasing. People of all ages, from children to old people, are all eligible for a whole body checkup.

How to know what your body is saying? 

Whenever, at any point in time you find yourself overweight, overstressed, overtired or excessively feverish, these are symptoms your body is giving and compelling you for a health checkup.

What you need to do?

Generally, tests assessing urine, lipid, kidney, bone health, diabetes profile, blood count, thyroid etc. are done in a Complete body checkup. A full body health checkup would help a person understand the needs and concerns for their body. It would help individuals make better and appropriate decisions about their health. They will also get properly acquainted with their doctor and other staff to freely enquire the best advice and suggestions regarding their health.

If a person is especially young i.e. in their 20s or 30s, it is advisable to get their blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels and skin cancer checks. People older than this are prescribed to get Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk assessments. Other tests recommended for the elderly are eye checks for glaucoma, osteoporosis assessment as well as visual and hearing impairment tests.

Additional Reasons to go for a Full Body Health Checkup

  • A full body checkup is especially necessary if a person has a critical or life-threatening disease like cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease etc. A regular diagnosis would help manage the disease and hopefully increase the person’s lifespan.
  • Getting a whole body checkup should be of notable preference if a person has a history of pre-existing diseases or family history illness.
  • The ongoing fast-paced and hectic lifestyle has heavily contributed to high instances of stress-induced health problems. Common examples include cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, obesity and gastrointestinal issues. Therefore, getting regular health checkups is an appropriate step for prevention.
  • Increase in air, water and soil pollution has also contributed to the likelihood of environment-induced diseases. There is now high food contamination and adulteration which can severely affect the immune system. Thus, it is wise to see a doctor regularly to check for symptoms.

Reader’s takeaway-

Regular full body health checkups provide you with an opportunity to live longer, not because they cure you on time, they rather alert you about preventing your body from any existing disease which might get aggravated in future or a disease that might cage you shortly without having you know about it at last stage. If you don’t want that to happen to you, bring health checkup to your life and see how organized you become with your body as well as the mind.

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